Youth Resiliency


Despite many challenges that youth face, youth can thrive in the midst
of violence. By taking action to make a positive impact in their communities, these
youth inspire us to build a better world,

If Youth Can, then I Can!


"When I met my mentor I was trying to regain my soul, body and mind that I had given to my gang since I was 15 years of age. After meeting my mentor he encouraged me to leave the gang and [taught me] how to show love and respect to other human beings. Now, I’m doing much better with my life and I am following in my mentors teaching to help other youth comprehend that their lives are valuable and that anyone can change from being a gang member to to help heal and turn others lives around for the better of our communities, cities, and even the WORLD."

– Male, 27
Oakland, CA

"Project FIRE helped me because it slowed me down from being reckless all the time after I got shot. It helped me learn that there's more things than just being out in the streets. You can do something that you're good at and have a future. Wanting to get better so I can be successful as an artist in the future helps me stay out of the streets."

– Male, 16
Chicago, IL

"People saw some talent in me from my drawing and got me to try other kinds of art. Doing something different from what I had always done showed me there was other possibilities and saved me from the streets. Now I work as a teacher and mentor trying to give younger people the same experience that I had."

– Male, 23
Chicago, IL
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