Best Practice #4: FEELING SAFE
Promoting a safe environment in the community

The Impact:

Living, working, and going to school in urban areas can at times feel like being in a war zone. Additionally, these children lack access to safe areas for recreation.

The Importance:

  • Everyone plays a role in keeping a community safe, but no one person, family, organization, or system can make a difference without support.
  • We all play a part in making communities safe.



For these reasons, it is important to:
Promote a safe environment in the community.



Best Practice #4: FEELING SAFE

What YOU can do:

  • Enhance community resources by taking steps to improve the positive relationships and peaceful activities in communities (e.g. community clean up, garden space for produce or plants)
  • Increase monitoring and response capacity, including a monitored and safe space for children and families (e.g. home, office, etc)
  • Plan for what to do and who to contact to protect yourself if and when violence happens
  • Advocate through outreach to local law enforcement, hospitals, elected officials, etc.


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