Best Practice #2: A SENSE OF TRUST
Developing safe, stable, and nurturing relationships between children and their parents, caregivers, and caring adults

The Impact:

Witnessing community violence and having people close to you (e.g. caregivers, siblings, peers) who engage in violence can affect relationships and trust.

The Importance:

  • Children do best when they are well cared for and have stable relationships with caregivers.
  • They are less likely to be victims of maltreatment or have problems because of aggressive behavior.



For these reasons, it is important to:
Support the development of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships.



Best Practice #2: A SENSE OF TRUST

What YOU can do:

  • Support parents and caregivers, and help them to find support from individuals, groups, or organizations.
  • Promote activities that support relationship building for families (game night, family dinner, sports, etc).
  • Educate caregivers on the effects of violence and trauma, as well as parenting skills and techniques.
  • Mentor children and adolescents, serving as a reliable adult in their lives that listens and works to build trust together.
  • Connect youth and families to helpful services, programs, and resources.


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