Resident Benefits

Annual Salaries

PGY-1      $46,300
PGY-2      $48,360
PGY-3      $50,520
PGY-4      $52,800
PGY-5      $54,840
PGY-6      $56,340
PGY-7      $58,440


4 weeks

Educational Allowance

Pgy-2 and above residents are allowed approximately $600 per year to pay for conferences, books, and other professional expenses.

Educational Leave

Five days leave at PGY-2 level and above

Sick Leave

24 calendar days per year

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Vacation             20 days
Plus Sick days    24 days
Total                   44 days

Health and Disability Insurance

Charge of $20 per month. Dependent charge is reimbursed.
Check  the brochure Highlights of Employee Benefits for University of Illinois employees.

Malpractice Insurance

Covered at 100%


Two coats provided and laundered  (remains property of the university)


PGY-1 Once every five nights, with the first three calls at any site being training calls with senior residents.

PGY-2 Once or twice per month

PGY-3 Once or twice per month

PGY-4 None

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