Research During Residency

The University of Illinois is an internationally recognized research university. The Department of Psychiatry faculty represent some of the most prolific and innovative investigators within our institution. University of Illinois ranks among the best NIH funded departments of psychiatry in the US.

The Department of Psychiatry provides residents with an array of opportunities to engage in research with world-renowned experts in various areas of psychiatry including genetics, molecular biology, neuroimaging, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, health access, biostatistics, and trauma [links]. Residents are strongly encouraged to explore areas of interest. This can be accomplished as part of a research project conducted within the framework of the traditional residency or through participation in one of the two NIH-funded research tracks. Residents accepted into either the Adult Psychiatry Neuroscience Research Track or the combined Integrated Adult & Child Research Track are afforded protected research time and mentorship. The goal of these tracks is to facilitate the transition of selected residents as well as MD/PhD candidates into research fellowships and faculty positions.

For those residents who view themselves primarily as clinicians but would like experience working in research during their residency, we recommend that they use their elective time in the PG-4 and optionally PG-3 year to develop an academic project or join an existing project with one of our faculty members. About one-third of our residents will take advantage of this opportunity which often results in publication and/or presentation at a national conference.


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