Crisis and Inpatient Services

Emergency services
Emergency/Crisis services are provided by the Urgent Intervention Team at UIC. This team of Psychiatrists and Social Workers can facilitate emergency psychiatric evaluation in UIC’s emergency department. The UIC Emergency Department is located inside UIC Hospital at 1740 West Taylor Street in Chicago. To contact the Urgent Intervention team please call 312-996-7000 and ask for the Psychiatry Resident on Call. The Urgent Intervention Team can also facilitate transfers to UIC’s Inpatient Adult Psychiatry unit from other hospitals

CRP services
Community Reintegration Program (CRP) is a time limited psychiatric rehabilitation program dedicated to providing the supports and services necessary for mental health consumers to achieve their optimal level of social and occupational functioning. CRP provides therapeutic, social, and recreational opportunities that promote the achievement of mental health and recovery-oriented goals. For more information please contact Adriana Magana at 312-996-9986.

Inpatient services (8 East Psychosis Treatment Program Inpatient Team)
As much as possible, our goal is to help people with psychosis live their lives in the community. We try to avoid hospitalization unless it is absolutely necessary, but when it is needed, we provide patients treatment on a specialty psychosis inpatient service. In the event of hospitalization, our immediate goals will be to quickly stabilize the crisis keeping everyone’s safety as a first priority. At the same time, our other goal is to do the best we can to reduce the likelihood of future hospitalizations. We try to choose medications that will help with the current crisis but also will help with the long-term recovery process. Whenever possible, we will consider recommendations from family members or outpatient mental health providers as to what treatment would be best for the person in crisis.

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