The Consultative Specialty Service

Many patients, family members or treating clinicians request Consultative or second opinions from Attending Physicians who specialize in the treatment of complex psychiatric conditions. Our Attending Physicians specialize in the treatment of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, Bipolar Disorder with psychosis, First Episode Psychosis, and other related conditions with symptoms of psychosis. The Consultative Specialty Service provides an outpatient comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and specific treatment options for patients, families, and treating clinicians.

The Consultative Specialty Service consists of a comprehensive psychiatric diagnostic evaluations including an in-depth interview of the patient and family members, pharmacological review of current and past treatments, medical and psychiatric history, diagnostic testing such as laboratory studies, brain imaging, electroencephalography, psychological testing, if indicated.  Additionally, the Consultative Specialty Service provides assessment of cognition, trauma, alcohol and substance use; social, educational and occupational history and personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences as they relate to treatment options.

Upon completion of the comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, the Consultative Specialty Service will provide a detailed written summary of diagnosis, summary of patient and family interviews, results of any laboratory studies with pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment recommendations.

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