Community Outreach Program

CARE will also utilize an outreach community program (Community coordinator- Dr. Marc Atkins dept. Psychiatry UIC) to disseminate scientific knowledge of alcoholism to the general public.


Training Opportunities

CARE will provide resources and a scientifically enriched environment for training opportunities -co-ordinated by Dr. Mark Rasenick, dept. of Biophysics and Physiology and Psychiatry UIC.




CARE Cores include:

Administrative core: Director, Dr. Subhash Pandey dept. of psychiatry UIC; Scientific Director, Dr. Alessandro Guidotti dept. of psychiatry UIC.

Epigenetic core: PI, Dr. Dennis Grayson, dept. of psychiatry UIC, Sequencing –in charge-Dr. Alvaro Hernandez and Bioinformatics-in charge-Dr. Victor Jongeneel, Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center of UIUC. Dr. Dulal Bhaumik dept. of psychiatry UIC will serve as a biostatistician.

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