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The Women's Needs Assessment Protocol Manual (Judith Cook, PhD, Jessica Jonikas, MA, Edie Bamberger, BA)
Item Number: MAN-010; $10.00

This manual features the Women's Needs Assessment Protocol and describes its history and development.  Instructions for administering the protocol and interpreting your findings are included.  Resources also are provided for women with psychiatric disabilities.

Hope for Healing: Recovery and Empowerment for Women Consumers/Survivors with Abuse Histories (A. Laris, J. Jonikas, & J. Cook)
Item Number: CUR-005 Unit Price: $10.00

This support group leadership curriculum helps women who are in the first stages of abuse recovery.  Topics addressed include creating safety and coping with crises, managing intense emotions, flashbacks, and self-injury; facing fears; therapeutic limit-setting; and spirituality as part of recovery.  Information about different types of abuse and their effects on current functioning is provided.  The curriculum was designed to be lead by experienced peers and/or nonconsumers.

Safe, Secure, and Street-Smart: Empowering Women with Mental Illness to Achieve Greater Independence in the Community  (J. Jonikas & J. Cook)
Item Number: CUR-001 Unit Price: $13.95

This 14-session curriculum, designed to be taught by consumer or nonconsumer  instructors, was developed to help women with psychiatric disabilities enhance their community safety and independence.  Topics include the effect of danger and violence on women's mental health, personal and neighborhood safety techniques, safety in mental health programs and inpatient settings, recognizing sexual harassment and discouraging unwanted advances, rape awareness and prevention, understanding anger, and  assertiveness training.  Instructional methods include didactic techniques, role play, group discussions, case examples, neighborhood safety assessment exercises, and reading lists.

Having Our Say: Women Mental Health Consumers/Survivors Identify Their Needs and Strengths (J. Jonikas, E. Bamberger, & A. Laris)
Item Number: OTH-020 Unit Cost: $2.50

This booklet is a compilation of the major concerns of women service recipients in the public mental health system.  African American, Latina, Native American, and Caucasian women provide their thoughts and concerns regarding: rehabilitation and recovery; parenting; relationships; safety and abuse; vocational services and employment; finances; housing and independent living; and physical health needs.  Suggestions for peers, programs, administrators, policy makers, and researchers are given to better meet women's needs.

Borrow From Me (S. McKinney, D. Farrell, & M. Peterson)
Item Number:  OTH-001 Unit Price: $4.75

This brief booklet of poetry tells the story of one young woman's recovery from childhood sexual abuse.  Highlighted are the ways in which she drew on her relationship with her counselor, her own inner resources, and her psychiatric rehabilitation program to come to terms with her painful experiences.

Burke, J.K., Cook, J.A., Cohen, M.H., Wilson, T., Anastos, K., Young, M., Palacio, H., Richardson, J., Grange, S.  (forthcoming).  Dissatisfaction with Medical Care in a Cohort of Women with HIV: Dimensions and Predictors.
Item Number: ART-083 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. (In Press). Depression, Disability, and Rehabilitation Services for Women: Exploring the Interconnections, Psychology of Women Quarterly.
Item Number: ART-091 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (1994).  Independent Community Living among Women with Severe Mental Illness:  A Comparison with Outcomes among Men, Journal of Mental Health Administration, 21(4), 361-373.
Item Number:  ART-004 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (1988).  Who "Mothers" the Chronically Mentally Ill?, Family Relations, 37(1), 42-49.
Item Number:  ART-008 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Cohen, M.H., Burke, J.K., Grey, D.D., & the WIHS Collaborative.  (forthcoming).  Depressive Symptoms and Poor Mental Health Status as Predictors of Utilization of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in a Cohort of HIV-Seropositive Women.
Item Number: ART-085 Unite Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Cohen, M.H., Grey, D.D., Kirstein, L., Burke, J.K., Anastos, K., Palacio, H., Richardson, J., Wilson, T., & Young, M.  (in press).  Penetration and Predictors of Use of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in a Cohort of HIV-Seropositive Women, American Journal of Public Health.
Item Number: ART-078 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Roussel, A.E.  (August, 1987). Who Works and What Works: Effects of Race, Class, Age, and Gender on Employment among the Psychiatrically Disabled. Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meetings, Chicago, Illinois.
Item Number:  ART-031 Unit Price: $2.75

Hughes, T., Haas, A., Razzano, L.A., Cassidy, R., & Matthews, A.  (2000).  Comparing Lesbians' and Heterosexual Women's Mental Health: Results from a Multisite Women's Health Survey, Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 11(1), 57-76.
Item Number: ART-072 Unit Price: $2.75

Jonikas, J.A., Laris, A., & Cook, J.A. (In press). The Passage to Adulthood: PSR Service and Transition-Related Needs of Young Adult Women with Emotional and Psychiatric Disorders. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.
Item Number: ART-098 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett-Schenk, S.A. (In press). Family Education and Support: Just for Women Only?  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.
Item Number: ART-090 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett, S.A., Cook, J.A., & Solomon, M.L.  (1995).  Dealing with Daughters' Difficulties:  Caregiving Burdens Faced by Parents of Female Offspring with Severe Mental Illness.  In J.R. Greenley (Ed.), Research in Community Mental Health (Vol. 8, pp. 125-153).  Greenwich, Connecticut:  JAI Press.
Item Number:  ART-045 Unit Price: $2.75

Razzano, L. & Cook, J.A.  (1994). Gender and Vocational Assessment of People with Mental Illness: What Works for Men May Not Work for Women, Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 25(3), 22-31.
Item Number:  ART-048 Unit Price: $2.75

Salina, D.D., Razzano, L.A., & Lesondak, L.M.  (2000).  Women and Sexual Behavior: Influence of Health Beliefs, Attitudes, and Concern about HIV/AIDS on Condom Usage in College Women, Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, 19(1), 41-53.
Item Number: ART-073 Unit Price: $2.75


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