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The Regression-Discontinuity Design:  An Introduction (W. Trochim)
Item Number:  OTH-011 Unit Price: $9.50

This manual provides an introduction to the regression discontinuity (RD) design in program evaluation and gives an explanation of how it works.  The major advantage of RD is that, unlike some other designs, it allows the treatment or service being evaluated to be given to those most in need of it; thus, use of the RD design allows researchers to combine the effects of a rigorous research design with good clinical practice in ways that other designs, such as randomization, may not.  The manual presents a basic introduction to the nature of RD, how it works in a simulated mental health evaluation study, types of data necessary for an RD evaluation, advantages and disadvantages of using the design, and sample data and plots illustrating the working of RD.  A glossary of all terms is included, along with suggestions for further reading. 

The Regression-Discontinuity Design:  Dice-Rolling Simulation Exercises (W. Trochim)
Item Number:  OTH-012 Unit Price: $9.50

The regression-discontinuity (RD) design is a useful method for evaluating the effects of mental health services programming.  The design has not been widely implemented to date, in part because it is initially counter-intuitive and requires some knowledge of advanced statistics.  This manual provides the reader with a concrete, intuitive feeling for the RD design through several simulation exercises using dice rolling.  By creating imaginary data to simulate the kind of data that might be collected for an actual evaluation, the reader constructs and compares the working of an RD design with that of a randomized experimental design.  (Best utilized in conjunction with Item #OTH-011.)

Blankertz, L. & Cook, J.A.  (1998).  Choosing and Using Outcome Measures, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 22(2), 167-174.
Item Number: ART-060 Unit Price: $2.75

Selecting Statistics (F. Andrews, L. Klem, T.  Davidson, P. O'Malley, & W. Rodgers)
Item Number:  OTH-008 (IBM-DOS Version) Unit Price: $16.75
Item Number:  OTH-009 (Macintosh Version) Unit Price: $16.75
Item Number:  OTH-010 (Windows Version) Unit Price: $16.75

This interactive computer software asks the user questions about data and progressively leads to the selection of an appropriate statistical analysis or class of analyses.  The program keeps a log of all questions asked and answers provided.  Along with the recommended analysis, the program identifies the appropriate statistical test, provides a citation to the statistical literature that describes the analysis in more detail, and indicates one or more available computer programs that can accomplish the analysis.

Navigating the Information Superhighway: Increasing Internet Knowledge and Use among Mental Health Stakeholders (M. Williams, G. Fitzgibbon,  & M. Murphy)
Item Number: OTH-022 Unit Price: $9.75

This manual targets stakeholders with little or no computer or Internet experience.  Its goal is to encourage readers who are just beginning their exploration of the Internet to investigate the many options that the Internet provides for consumer advocacy, information, and networking with peers.  The manual briefly reviews necessary equipment for connecting to the Internet by computer, and then paints a broad portrait of the components of the Internet, providing contact information to more specific resources for those who wish to follow-up on a topic once they are online. 

Trochim, W.M. & Cook, J.A.  (1992). Pattern Matching in Theory-Driven                   Evaluation:  A Field Example from Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  In H. Chen and P. Rossi (Eds.), Using Theory to Improve Program and Policy Evaluations (pp. 49-69).  New York: Greenwood.
Item Number:  ART-054 Unit Price: $2.75

Trochim, W.M., Cook, J.A., & Jusko, R.  (1994). Using Concept Mapping to Develop a Conceptual Framework of Staff's Views of a Supported Employment Program for Persons with Severe Mental Illness, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62(4), 766-775.
Item Number:  ART-055 Unit Price: $2.75


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