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Attkisson, C., Cook, J.A., Karno, M., et al.  (1992).  Clinical Services Research, Schizophrenia Bulletin, 18(4), 561-625.
Item Number:  ART-001 Unit Price: $2.75

* Arns, P., Rogers, E.S., Cook, J.A., & Mowbray, C.  (in press).   The International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Toolkit: Development, Utility, and Relation to Other Performance Measurement Systems, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.
Item Number: ART-077 Unit Price: $2.75

Blankertz, L. & Cook, J.A.  (1998).  Choosing and Using Outcome Measures, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 22(2), 167-174.
Item Number: ART-060 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. (1999). Understanding the Failure of Vocational Rehabilitation: What Do We Need to Know and How Can We Learn it? Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 10(1), 127-132.
Item Number: ART-062 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. (1995). Program Evaluation and Research at Thresholds, New Directions in Mental Health Services, 68, 75-85.
Item Number: ART-059 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (1995).  Research on Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities, Psychotherapy & Rehabilitation Research Bulletin, 4, 5-11.
Item Number:   ART-003 Unit Price:  $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (1993).  Outcome Assessment in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness.  Rockville, MD:  National Institute of Mental Health.
NOT AVAILABLE FROM NRTC; To order, contact Dr. Ann Hohmann, National Institute of Mental Health, at (301) 443-3364.

Cook, J.A., Graham, K., & Razzano, L.  (1993). Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Deaf Persons with Severe Mental Illness:  A Multivariate Model of Residential Outcomes, Rehabilitation Psychology, 38(4), 261-274.
Item Number:  ART-010 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Hoffschmidt, S.J.  (1993). Comprehensive Models of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, in R.W. Flexer & P. Solomon (Eds.), Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Practice (pp. 81-97).  New York: Butterworth-Heinemann.
Item Number:  ART-011 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Jonikas, J.A.  (1996).  Outcomes of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service Delivery.  In D.M. Steinwachs, L.M. Flynn, G.S. Norquist, and E.A. Skinner (Eds.), Using Client Outcomes Information to Improve Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment, 71 (pp. 33-47).  New Directions in Mental Health Services.  San Francisco, CA:  Jossey-Bass Publishers.
Item Number:  ART-013 Unit Price:  $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Jonikas, J.A.  (1996).  Research on Community Integration of Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities:  Current Knowledge, Future Directions, and Recommended Research Priorities.  Prepared for The Long-Range Plan Steering Committee of NIDRR, USDOE, Rockville, MD.
Item Number: ART-013a Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Jusko, R., & Dincin, J.  (April, 1986). Predicting Independent Functioning in the Community: Results from a Three-Year Follow-Up of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Clientele.  Paper presented at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Association, Chicago, Illinois.
Item Number:  ART-016 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Pickett, S.A.  (1994). Dimensions of Staff Burnout in Community Treatment Models for Persons with Severe Mental Illness, Chicago, Illinois:  National Research and Training Center on Psychiatric Disability.
Item Number:  ART-020 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Pickett-Schenk, S.A., Nageotte, C.A.  (in press).  Dimensions of Staff Burnout in Assertive Community Treatment and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programs for Persons with Severe Mental Illness, International Journal of Mental Health Promotion.
Item Number: ART-076 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Pickett, S.A., Razzano, L., Fitzgibbon, G., Jonikas, J.A., & Cohler, J.J.  (1996).  Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Schizophrenia, Psychiatric Annals, 26(2), 1-8.
Item Number:  ART-022 Unit Price:  $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Razzano, L.A. (2000).  Vocational Rehabilitation for Persons with Schizophrenia: Recent Research and Implications for Practice.  Schizophrenia Bulletin, 26 (1), 87-103.
Item Number:  ART-061 Unit Price:  $2.75

Jonikas, J.A. & Cook, J.A.  (2000).  Research in Psychosocial Rehabilitation,  in R. Hughes & D. Weinstein (Eds.), Best Practices in Psychosocial Rehabilitation.  (pp. 63-94).  Columbia, MD:  International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services.
Item Number:  ART-040 Unit Price:  $2.75

Kim, J., Razzano, L.A. & Astrachan, B.M.  (in press).  Psychiatric Evaluation.  To appear in B.T. Shahani, B.J. deLateur & M. Ehrlich (Eds.), Principles & Practice of Rehabilitation Medicine and Restorative Medical Sciences.  Baltimore:  Wilkins & Wilkins.
Item Number:  ART-042a Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett, S.A., Cook, J.A., & Razzano, L.  (1999).  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services and Outcomes:  An Overview.  In A.V. Horwitz & T.L. Scheid (Eds.), A Handbook for the Study of Mental Health:  Social Contexts, Theories, and Systems (pp. 484-492).  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Item Number: ART-045a Unit Price: $2.75

Razzano, L., Pickett, S.A., & Astrachan, B.  (in press).  Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  To appear in B.T. Shahani, B.J. deLateu7r, & M. Erhlich (Eds.), Principles & Practice of Rehabilitation Medicine and Restorative Medical Sciences.  Baltimore: Wilkins & Wilkins.
Item Number: ART-049a Unit Price: $2.75

Trochim, W.M. & Cook, J.A.  (1992). Pattern Matching in Theory-Driven Evaluation:  A Field Example from Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  In H. Chen and P. Rossi (Eds.), Using Theory to Improve Program and Policy Evaluations (pp. 49-69).  New York: Greenwood.
Item Number:  ART-054 Unit Price: $2.75


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