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Outreach to African American and Hispanic Families:  A Manual for NAMI Affiliates  (J. Cook & J. Knox)
Item Number:  MAN-004 Unit Price: $19.85

This manual was created to assist affiliates of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) in outreaching African American and Hispanic/Latino consumers and families.  Chapters cover the needs for minority outreach, techniques for enhancing cultural sensitivity and cultural competence, steps to take in formulating an outreach program, four basic outreach strategies, evaluation of outreach efforts, and ways to disseminate successful projects.

What Happened to Ricardo?/¿Que Le Paso a Ricardo? (J. Silva, M. Lara, L. Hall, O. Resto, & C. Creamer)
Unit Price: $2.00 when ordering 1-25 units  (Item Number:  OTH-002
Special offer:    50 units at $20.00  (Item number:  OTH-003)
Special offer:    75 units at $25.00  (Item number:  OTH-004)
Special offer:  100 units at $30.00  (Item number:  OTH-005)
Special offer:  175 units at $40.00  (Item number:  OTH-006)
Special offer:  350 units at $50.00  (Item number:  OTH-007)

This photonovella, or picturebook, tells the story, in English and Spanish, of  one family's attempts to cope with the onset of schizophrenia in their young adult son.  Designed especially for Spanish-speaking audiences, it also is appealing to youth and adults from any culture.  In addition to providing  facts about psychiatric disability and treatments, the photonovella includes support resources for families of persons with psychiatric disabilities. 

Boxer, A.M, Cook, J.A., & Herdt., G.  (1999).  Experiences of Coming Out Among Gay and Lesbian Youth: Adolescents Alone? in J. Blustein, C. Levine, & N. Duble (eds.), The Adolescent Alone: Decision Making in Health Care in the United States.  New York: Cambridge University Press.
Item Number:  ART-063 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Knox, J.  (1993). NAMI Outreach Strategies to African American and Hispanic Families: Results of a National Telephone Survey, Innovations and Research, 2(3), 35-42.
Item Number:  ART-017 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Roussel, A.E.  (August, 1987). Who Works and What Works:   Effects of Race, Class, Age, and Gender on Employment among the Psychiatrically Disabled.  Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meetings, Chicago, Illinois.
Item Number:  ART-031 Unit Price: $2.75

Hughes, T., Haas, A., Razzano, L.A., Cassidy, R., & Matthews, A.  (2000).  Comparing Lesbians' and Heterosexual Women's Mental Health: Results from a Multisite Women's Health Survey, Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 11(1), 57-76.
Item Number: ART-072 Unit Price: $2.75

Kelly, J. G., Mock, L.O., & Tandon, S.D.  (2001).  Collaborative Inquiry with African American Community Leaders: Comments on a Participatory Action Research Process.  In P. Reason & H. Bradbury (Eds.), Handbook of Action Research: Participative Inquiry and Practice (pp. 348-355). London: Sage Publications Ltd.
Item Number: ART-088 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett-Schenk, S.A.  (forthcoming).  Church-Based Support Groups for African American Families Coping with Mental Illness: Outreach and Outcomes, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.
Item Number: ART-079 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett, S.A., Cook, J.A., & Heller, T.  (1998). Support Group Satisfaction: A Comparison of Minority and White Families, New Directions for Mental Health Services, 77, 63-73.
Item Number: ART-059 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett, S.A., Vraniak, D.A., Cook, J.A., & Cohler, B.J.  (1993). Strength in Adversity: Blacks Bear Burden Better than Whites, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 24(4), 460-467.
Item Number:  ART-047 Unit Price: $2.75


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