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About the Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy.

The Center engages in research, training, and technical assistance to enhance service delivery and increase knowledge about behavioral health disorders. We fully involve people with psychiatric and substance use disorders, their friends and families, service providers, policy makers, advocates, and other stakeholders in our research and education efforts. Our work promotes concepts of recovery, self-determination, and full community participation for individuals with behavioral health disabilities.

The Center conducts projects in the areas of vocational, residential, and educational rehabilitation services; crisis management and prevention of hospitalization; the needs of women and people from diverse cultural backgrounds; and systems integration.  The Center also emphasizes the needs and experiences of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other co-occurring medical conditions. Additional work addresses treatment for homeless individuals with behavioral health disorders, as well as the experiences of family members and friends of people in recovery.

There are nine major areas in the Center’s Web site.  Eight of these are topical areas under which our research and training projects can be found.

  1. UIC NRTC - Here, you will find information on our Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Psychiatric Disability and Self-Determination, as well as news from our previous RRTC on Peer Support and Self-Help.
  2. EIDP - This section contains a detailed description of the Employment Intervention Demonstration Program, a multi-site study of vocational rehabilitation, along with research protocols and tools to promote employment.
  3. HIV/AIDS - In this area you will find information about projects that address the ongoing needs of people with psychiatric disabilities and service providers with regard to HIV/AIDS.
  4. Family – Visit here to learn about on studies that address how education and support programs help families and friends of persons with psychiatric disabilities.
  5. Children/Youth - Visit this area to obtain information on initiatives at the Center that evaluate services provided to children and adolescents with severe emotional disorders.
  6. Homelessness – Here you can learn about our research on services needed by homeless persons with mental illnesses to help them thrive in the community, and how systems can work together to better serve this population.
  7. Co-Occurring medical disorders – Visit this area to learn about our work on physical conditions and medical disorders that commonly occur among people with serious mental illness.

The UIC MHSRP has an extensive list of publications, outlined in the eighth area of our Web site.  You will find a printable order form here, which can be faxed or mailed directly to the Dissemination Coordinator at our Center.   

And finally, the ninth area of this site provides contact information for each of the staff employed here at Center.

We make presentations at various international, national, and local conferences on behavioral health treatment models and services.  Many of these presentations have handouts available by request.  Relevant presentations can also be found in the Products sections of many of our individual project pages.  You can also visit our Presentations page to which we add new presentations as they become available.

The UIC MHSRP is part of the ongoing Education and Research efforts of the
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