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Family Coping and Resiliency

Family Coping and Resiliency

This research study involved interviews with 222 parents of adult offspring with mental illness, whose family members were beginning treatment at Threshholds, a psychosocial rehabilitation agency in Chicago.  Parents participated in face-to-face interviews that addressed their understanding of their relative's psychiatric disorder, experiences obtaining needed services, effects on their marriages and other family relationships, and coping strategies that parents used to deal with various illness-related stressors.  A similar set of questions was completed by a comparison group of 685 parents of adult offspring without mental illnesses or other disabilities.  This research resulted in a series of publications regarding family stress and coping with psychiatric disability, detailed below.

In the mid-1990s, researchers from this study collaborated with researchers from UIC's University Affiliated Program on Developemental Disabilities on a related study of family lead support groups for relatives of people with psychiatric disablilities.  This study surveyed relatives attending 1 of 17 family support groups in Chicago, surrounding subburbs, and rural Illinois.  Also surveyed was a comparison group of relatives who did not attend family support groups.  The ressults of this research also appeared in number of publications, detailed below.

Family Coping and Resiliency Project Staff

Judith A. Cook, Ph.D., UIC
Susan Pickett, Ph.D., UIC
Betram J. Cohler, Ph.D., University of Chicago

Family-Led Support Groups Project Staff

Tamar Heller, Ph.D., UIC
Judith A. Cook, Ph.D., UIC
Susan Pickett, Ph.D., UIC


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