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Providing Vocational Services:  Job Coaching and Ongoing Support for Persons with Severe Mental Illness  (M. Furlong, J. Jonikas, J. Cook, L. Hathaway, & S. Goode)
Item Number:  MAN-001 Unit Price: $20.00

This manual was designed to teach vocational staff how to provide employment support for mental health consumers.  Topics include job development, job task, analysis, work skills training, collaborating with employers, establishing natural supports at the workplace, developing reasonable accommodations, ADA legislation, and financial entitlement information.

Assessing Vocational Performance among Persons with Severe Mental Illness: A Handbook of Clinical and Research Assessments  (J. Cook, G. Bond, S. Hoffschmidt, E. Jonas, L. Razzano, & R. Weakland)
Item Number: MAN-002 Unit Price: $18.00

This manual informs service deliverers about different types of vocational assessments and provides examples of valid and reliable measures staff and researchers can use to evaluate clients and vocational programming.

Positive Partnerships:  How Consumers and Nonconsumers Can Work Together as Service Providers (2nd Ed.)   (M. Solomon, J. Jonikas, J. Cook, & J. Kerouac)
Item Number: MAN-003 Unit Price $9.75

This manual addresses issues that arise when current or former consumers of mental health services work as service providers.  Topics include the benefits of hiring consumers, discrimination and other barriers to consumer hiring, strategies for creating an inclusive working environment, ways to avoid tokenism and co-optation, the transition from client to provider, methods  for managing mental illness in the workplace, and disclosure and consumer rights under the ADA.

Managing Workplace Conflict: A Skills Training Workbook for Mental Health Consumers and Supervisors  (S. Shore & L. Curtis)
Item Number: MAN-009 Unit Price: $20.00

This manual addresses ways in which consumer and nonconsumer service providers can resolve disagreements and manage conflict at work.  Tips for effective negotiation and communication strategies leading to improved job performance and supervision are included.

Instructions for Completing the Supported Employment Log: Logging Format and Case Examples (J. Cook)
Item Number: MAN-007 Unit Price: $3.85

This log was designed to help staff track vocational service delivery to persons with psychiatric disabilities who are either working or preparing to work in the community.  Information gathered includes a description of vocational support, amount of support time, and location and outcome of support services.  Instructions to complete the log are provided.

Sustaining Employment:  Social Skills at Work  (J. Jonikas, A. Casey, & J. Cook)
Item Number:  JOB-001 Unit Price: $12.95

Created to enhance social skills of people who have secured or are currently seeking community employment, this manual includes information and role-play activities for a variety of job-related situations, such as socializing with co-workers, requesting a raise, getting along with supervisors, employee rights and the ADA, and friendships or romances at work.

Methods for Managing Stress in the Workplace:  Coping Effectively on the Job (A. Casey, F. Tisdale, J. Jonikas, & J. Cook)
Item Number: JOB-002 Unit Price: $12.95

This curriculum helps mental health consumers/survivors learn effective methods of stress management to cope with the pressures of employment.  Techniques include identifying and coping with job-specific stressors, physical relaxation, deep breathing exercises, and assertiveness training.

Dealing with Difficult Choices about Drinking and Drug Use:  Abstinence and Achievement on the Job  (F. Tisdale, A. Casey, J. Jonikas, & J. Cook)
Item Number:  JOB-003 Unit Price: $12.95

This curriculum addresses substance abuse and medication issues in the workplace.  Sessions focus on general information regarding addiction and psychotropic medications, the consequences of mixing alcohol and drugs with prescribed medications, peer pressure to use substances during or after work, occurrence of relapse, and the use of self-help, twelve-step recovery groups.

Burke, J.K., Cook, J.A., & Razzano, L.A. (Unpublished manuscript). Courage and Commitment: Success Stories from the Employment Intervention Demonstration Program.
Item Number: ART-094 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (Under review). One-Year Followup of Illinois State Vocational Rehabilitation Clients with Psychiatric Disability Following Successful Closure into Community Employment. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation.
Item Number: ART-096 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., et.al., (In Press). The Pioneer: The Employment Intervention Demonstration Program, New Directions in Evaluation.
Item Number: ART-093 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (1992).  Thresholds Theater Arts Program, OSERS News in Print, 4(4), 25-28.
Item Number:  ART-006 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Burke, J.K.  (Under review). Public Policy and Employment of People with Disabilities: Exploring New Paradigms.  Journal of Behavioral Sciences and the Law.
Item Number: ART-097 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Grey, D.D. (Unpublished manuscript). Beyond Breaking Even: The Personal Economies of People Psychiatric Disabilities and the Influence of Employment.
Item Number: ART-095

Cook, J.A. & Jonikas, J.A.  (1997).  Community Integration Through Vocational Rehabilitation for Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities.  In F.E. Menz, J. Eggers, P. Wehman, & V. Brooke (Eds.), Lessons for Improving Employment of People with Disabilities from Vocational Rehabilitation Research (pp. 285-312).  Menomonie, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin - Stout.
Item Number: ART-012a Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Pickett, S.A.  (1995).  Recent Trends in Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Psychiatric Disability, American Rehabilitation, 20(4), 2-12.
Item Number:  ART-019 Unit Price:  $2.75

Cook, J.A., Pickett-Schenk. S.A., Grey, D.D., Banghart, M.A., Rosenheck, R.A., & Randolph, F.  (2001).  Vocational Outcomes Among Formerly Homeless Individuals with Severe Mental Illness in the ACCESS Program, Psychiatric Services, 52(8), 1075-1080.
Item Number: ART-086 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Razzano, L.A. (2000).  Vocational Rehabilitation for Persons with Schizophrenia: Recent Research and Implications for Practice.  Schizophrenia Bulletin, 26 (1), 87-103.
Item Number:  ART-061 Unit Price:  $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Razzano, L.  (1995). Discriminant Function Analysis of Competitive Employment Outcomes in a Transitional Employment Program, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 5, 127-139.
Item Number:  ART-023 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Razzano, L.  (1994). Predictive Validity of the McCarron-Dial Testing Battery for Employment Outcomes among Psychiatric Rehabilitation Clientele, Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Bulletin, 27(2), 39-47.
Item Number:  ART-025 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Razzano, L., & Cappelleri, J.  (1996). Canonical Correlation Analysis of Residential and Vocational Outcomes Following Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  Evaluation and Program Planning, 19(4), 351-363.
Item Number:  ART-026 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Razzano, L.  (1992). Natural Vocational Supports for Persons  with Severe Mental Illness: Thresholds Supported Competitive Employment Program.  In L. Stein (Ed.), Innovations in Mental Health Services, 56.  New Directions for Mental Health Services.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.
Item Number:  ART-027 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Rosenberg, H.  (1994). Predicting Community Employment Among Persons with Psychiatric Disability:  A Logistic Regression Analysis, Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 18(1), 6-22.
Item Number:  ART-030 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Roussel, A.E.  (August, 1987). Who Works and What Works:  Effects of Race, Class, Age, and Gender on Employment among the Psychiatrically Disabled.  Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meetings, Chicago, Illinois.
Item Number:  ART-031 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett-Schenk, S.A., Banghart, M., & Cook, J.A.  (forthcoming).  Work Experiences of Homeless Persons with Mental Illness.
Item Number: ART-080 Unit Price: $2.75

Pickett-Schenk, S.A., Cook, J.A., Grey, D.D., Banghart, M.A., Rosenheck, R.A., & Randolph, F. (2002). Employment Histories of Homeless Persons with Mental Illness, Community Mental Health Journal, 38(3), 199-211.
Item Number: ART-087 Unit Price: $2.75

Razzano, L. & Cook, J.A.  (1994). Gender and Vocational Assessment of   People with Mental Illness: What Works for Men May Not Work for   Women, Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 25(3), 22-31.
Item Number:  ART-048 Unit Price: $2.75

Rosenberg, H. & Cook, J.A.  (August, 1990). Delivering Vocational Support:  A Case against the "Fading Job Coach Model."  Paper presented at the Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Item Number:  ART-050 Unit Price: $2.75

Roussel, A.E. & Cook, J.A.  (1987). The Role of Work in Psychiatric Rehabilitation: The Visiting Chefs Program, Sociological Practice, 6, 149-168.
Item Number:  ART-051 Unit Price: $2.75

Salyers, M.P., McHugo, G.J., Cook, J.A., Razzano, L.A., Drake, R.E., & Mueser, K.T. (2001).  Reliability of Instruments in a  Cooperative, Multisite Study: Employment Intervention Demonstration Program, Mental Health Services Research, 3, 129-140.
Item Number: ART-084 Unit Price: $2.75

Solomon, M.L.  (1993). Is the ADA "Accessible" to People with Disabilities?  Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 17(3), 109-119.
Item Number:  ART-053 Unit Price: $2.75

Trochim, W.M., Cook, J.A., & Jusko, R.  (1994). Using Concept Mapping to Develop a Conceptual Framework of Staff's Views of a Supported Employment Program for Persons with Severe Mental Illness, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62(4), 766-775.
Item Number:  ART-055 Unit Price: $2.75

Facilitating Careers for Mental Health Consumers
Item Number: OTH-023 Unit Price: $10.00

This is a collection of presentation summaries from the Vocational Rehabilitation Research Conference, sponsored by the UIC National Research and Training Center in April, 1998.   Topics addressed include disclosure and reasonable accommodations, job training, supported education, gender issues in employment, and career opportunities.

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