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Issues in Supported Competitive Employment for Youth with Mental Illness: Theory, Research and Practice (J. Cook)
Item Number:  MAN-005 Unit Price: $11.75

This manual is comprised of eight papers addressing different issues that mental health professionals might encounter when implementing a supported competitive employment program for young adults.  Topics addressed include: case management, job development, why youths leave their jobs, and employers'  attitudes towards hiring persons with psychiatric disabilities.

Enhancing Employability:  A Curriculum to Prepare Psychiatrically Disabled Youth for Community Employment (S. Olsen)
Item Number:  CUR-002 Unit Price: $14.70

This curriculum was developed to teach vocational skills to young adult consumers (ages 16-21) who have had little or no work experience.  It uses a psycho-educational approach and is divided into fourteen lessons using a variety of teaching methods.  Topics addressed include: personal and career interest surveys; setting career goals; exploring different job aspirations; completing job applications; successful interviewing; and interacting well with co-workers.

The Community Exploration Program:  Vocational Laboratory Experiences for Psychiatrically Disabled Youth (J. Cook, S. Pickett, & J. Jonikas)
Item Number:  CUR-003 Unit Price: $3.85

This curriculum acquaints youth with different types of vocational opportunities available in their communities.  It was designed as a laboratory setting in which  to apply the knowledge learned in the curriculum, Enhancing Employability, but it also can be used alone.

Strengthening Skills for Success:  A Manual to Help Parents Support Their Psychiatrically Disabled Youth's Community Employment (J. Cook, J. Jonikas, & M. Solomon)
Item Number:  MAN-006 Unit Price: $6.50

This manual offers concrete suggestions for parents who want to support and be better informed about their youth's vocational aspirations.  Useful for parents, educators, rehabilitation counselors, and mental health professionals.

Boxer, A.M, Cook, J.A., & Herdt., G.  (1999).  Experiences of Coming Out Among Gay and Lesbian Youth: Adolescents Alone? in J. Blustein, C. Levine, & N. Duble (eds.), The Adolescent Alone: Decision Making in Health Care in the United States.  New York: Cambridge University Press.
Item Number:  ART-063 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A.  (November, 1991).  Vocational Rehabilitation for Youth with Severe Mental Illness:  Predictive Validity of Situational Assessment for Later Employment.  Paper presented at the American Public Health Association 119th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.
Item Number:  ART-007 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Jonikas, J.A., & Solomon, M.L.  (1992). Models of Vocational Rehabilitation for Youth and Adults with Severe Mental Illness: Implications for America 2000 and the ADA, American Rehabilitation, 18(3), 6-11.
Item Number:  ART-015 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Roussel, A.E., & Skiba, P.J.  (April 1987). Transition into Employment:  Correlates of Vocational Achievement among Severely Mentally Ill Youth. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society, Chicago, Illinois.
Item Number:  ART-032 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A. & Solomon, M.L.  (1993). The Community Scholar Program: An Outcome Study of Supported Education for Students with Severe Mental Illness, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal, 17(1), 83-97.
Item Number:  ART-033 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Solomon, M.L., Farrell, D., et al.  (1997). Vocational Initiatives for Transition-Age Youths With Severe Mental Illness.  In S.H. Henggeler & A. Santos (Eds.), Innovative Approaches for Difficult-to-Treat Populations (pp. 139-163). New York: American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
Item Number:  ART-034 Unit Price: $2.75

Cook, J.A., Solomon, M.L., & Mock, L.O.  (1989). What Happens after the First Job Placement: Vocational Transitioning among Severely Emotionally Disturbed and Behavior Disordered Adolescents, Programming for Adolescents with Behavioral Disorders, 4, 71-93.
Item Number:  ART-035 Unit Price: $2.75

Fitzgibbon, G., Cook, J.A., & Falcon, L.  (2000).  Vocational Rehabilitation             Approaches for Youth.  In H.B. Clark & M. Davis (Eds.), Transition to Adulthood: A Resource Assisting Young People with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties (pp. 75-89). Baltimore: Brookes Publishing Company.
Item Number:   ART-071 Unit Price: $2.75

Jonikas, J.A., Laris, A., & Cook, J.A. (In press). The Passage to Adulthood: PSR Service and Transition-Related Needs of Young Adult Women with Emotional and Psychiatric Disorders. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.
Item Number: ART-098 Unit Price: $2.75


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