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In Press (10 papers)

  1. Klumpp H, Roberts J, Kennedy AE, Kapella MC, Kumar AK, Phan KL (in press). Subjective and Objective Sleep Quality Modulate Emotion Regulatory Brain Function in Anxiety and Depression. Depression and Anxiety
  2. MacNamara A, Klumpp H, Kennedy A, Langenecker SA, Phan KL (in press). Transdiagnostic neural correlates of affective face processing in anxiety and depression.  Depression and Anxiety
  3. Weafer J, Gorka SM, Hedeker D, Dzemidzic M, Kareken D, Phan KL, de Wit H (in press). Associations between behavioral and neural correlates of inhibitory control and amphetamine reward sensitivity.  Neuropsychopharmacology
  4. Gorka SM, Lieberman L, Klumpp H, Kinney K, Kennedy A, Ajilore O, Francis J, Duffecy J, Craske M, Nathan J, Langenecker SA, Shankman SA, Phan KL (in press). Reactivity to unpredictable threat as a treatment target for fear-based anxiety disorders. Psychological Medicine
  5. Lieberman L, Gorka SM, Funkhouser CJ, Shankman SA, Phan KL (In Press). Impact of Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Dimensions on Psychophysiological Reactivity to Threat and Reward. Journal of Psychiatric Research.
  6. Gorka SM & Phan KL (in press). Impact of Anxiety Symptoms and Problematic Alcohol Use on Error-related Brain Activity. International Journal of Psychophysiology
  7. Gorka SM, Burkhouse K, Afshar K, Phan KL (in press). Error-related Brain Activity and Internalizing Disorder Symptom Dimensions in Depression and Anxiety. Depression and Anxiety
  8. Bunford N, Kujawa A, Swain JE, Fitzgerald KD, Monk CS, Phan KL (in press).  Attenuated Neural Reactivity to Happy Faces is Associated with Rule-Breaking and Social Problems in Anxious Youth. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  9. Rubin LH, Phan KL, Keating SM, Weber KM & Maki PM (in press). Low dose hydrocortisone has acute enhancing effects on verbal learning in HIV-infected men. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.
  10. DelDonno SR, Jenkins LM, Crane NA, Nusslock R, Ryan KA, Shankman SA, Phan KL & Langenecker SA (in press). Affective traits and history of depression are related to functional connectivity of the ventral striatum. Journal of Affective Disorders


2017 (14 papers)

  1. Hummer TA, Phan KL, Kern DW, McClintock MK. (2017). A human chemosignal modulates frontolimbic activity and connectivity in response to emotional stimuli. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 75:15-25
  2. Klumpp H, Roberts J, Kennedy AE, Shankman SA, Langenecker SA, Gross JJ, Phan KL (2017). Emotion Regulation Related Neural Predictors of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Response in Social Anxiety Disorder. Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 75:106-112.
  3. Stange JP, MacNamara A, Barnas O, Kennedy A, Hajcak G, Phan KL, Klumpp H (2017). Neural Markers of Attention to Aversive Pictures Predict Response to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Anxiety and Depression. Biological Psychology 123, 269-277.
  4. Gorka SM, Lieberman L, Shankman SA, Phan KL (2017).Startle Potentiation to Uncertain Threat as a Psychophysiological Indicator of Fear-based Psychopathology: An Examination across Multiple Internalizing Disorders.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology 126(1):8-18.
  5. DiGangi JA, Kujawa A, Aase DM, Babione JM, Schroth C, Levy DM, Kennedy AE, Greenstein JE, Proescher E, Walters R, Passi H, Langenecker SA, Phan KL (2017). Affective and Cognitive Correlates of PTSD: Electrocortical Processing of Threat and Perseverative Errors on the WCST in Combat-Related PTSD. Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 75:63-69.
  6. Bunford N, Kujawa A, Fitzgerald KD, Swain JE, Hanna GL, Koschmann E, Simpson D, Connolly S, Monk CS, Phan KL (2017).  Neural Reactivity to Angry Faces Predicts Treatment Response in Pediatric Anxiety.  Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 45(2):385-395.
  7. Lieberman L, Gorka SM, Shankman SA & Phan KL (2017). Impact of Panic on Psychophysiological and Neural Reactivity to Unpredictable Threat in Depression and Anxiety. Clinical Psychological Science 5(1):52-63.
  8. Fitzgerald JM, Phan KL, Kennedy AE, Shankman SA, Langenecker SA, Klumpp H (2017). Prefrontal and Amygdala Engagement during Emotional Reactivity and Regulation in Generalized Anxiety Disorder. J Affective Disoders 218:398-406
  9. Klumpp H, Fitzgerald JM, Kinney KL, Kennedy AE, Shankman SA, Langenecker SA, Phan KL (2017). Predicting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Response in Social Anxiety Disorder with Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Amygdala during Emotion Regulation. NeuroImage: Clinical 15:25-34.
  10. DiGangi JA, Burkhouse K, Aase DM, Babione J, Schroth C, Greenstein J, Proescher E, Phan KL (2017). An electrocortical investigation of emotional face processing in military-related posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Research 92:132-138.
  11. Burkhouse K, Gorka SM, Afshar K, Phan KL (2017). Neural Reactivity to Reward and Internalizing Symptom Dimensions.  J Affective Disorders 217:73-79.
  12. Gorka SM, Lieberman L, Shankman SA, Phan KL (2017). Association between Neural Reactivity and Startle Reactivity to Uncertain Threat in Two Independent Samples.  Psychophysiology 54(5):652-662.
  13. Burkhouse K, Kujawa A, Klumpp H, Fitzgerald KD, Monk CS, Phan KL (in press). Neural Correlates of Explicit and Implicit Emotion Processing in Relation to Treatment Response in Pediatric Anxiety.  Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 58(5):546-554.
  14. Burkhouse K, Kujawa A, Keenan K, Klumpp H, Fitzgerald KD, Monk CS, Phan KL (2017). The Relation between Parent Depressive Symptoms and Neural Correlates of Attentional Control in Offspring: A Preliminary Study. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 263:26-31


2016 (31 papers)

  1. MacNamara A, Verges A, Kujawa A, Fitzgerald KD, Monk CS, Phan KL (2016). Age-related changes in emotional face processing across childhood and into young adulthood: evidence from event-related potentials.  Developmental Psychobiology 58(1):27-38
  2. Cremers H, Lee R, Keedy S, Phan KL, Coccaro EF (2016). Effects of Escitalopram Administration On Face Processing In Intermittent Explosive Disorder: an fMRI study.  Neuropsychopharmacology 41(2):590-7
  3. Fitzgerald J, MacNamara A, Rauch S, Kennedy A, Rabinak CA, Greenstein J, Proescher E, Hajcak G, and Phan KL (2016). An Electrocortical Investigation of Voluntary Emotion Regulation in Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 249:113-21
  4. MacNamara A, Rabinak CA, Kennedy A, Fitzgerald DA, Stein MB, Liberzon I, Phan KL (2016).  Emotion regulatory brain function and SSRI treatment in PTSD: Neural correlates and predictors of change. Neuropsychopharmacology 41(2):611-8.
  5. MacNamara A, Phan KL (2016). Psychobiological operationalization of RDoC constructs: Methodological and conceptual opportunities and challenges. Psychophysiology 53(3):406-9
  6. DiGangi J, Tadayyon A, Fitzgerald DA, Rabinak CA, Kennedy A, Klumpp H, Rauch S, Phan KL (2016).  Reduced Default Mode Network Connectivity Following Combat Trauma. Neuroscience Letters 615:37-43.
  7. Gentili C, Cristea IA, Angstadt M, Klumpp H, Tozzi L, Phan KL, Pietrini P (2016).  Beyond Emotions: A Meta-analysis of Neural Response Within Face Processing System in Social Anxiety. Experimental Biology and Medicine 241(3):225-37.
  8. Coccaro EF, Fitzgerald DA, Lee R, McCloskey M, and Phan KL (2016).  Fronto-Limbic Morphometric Abnormalities in Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Aggression. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroimaging 1:32–38
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  13. MacNamara A, DiGangi J, Phan KL (2016). Aberrant Spontaneous and Task-Dependent Functional Connections in the Anxious Brain. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroimaging 1(3):278-287.
  14. Jacobs RH, Barba, A, Gowins JR, Klumpp H, Jenkins L, Mickey BJ, Ajilore O, Pecina M, Sikora M, Ryan KA, Hsu DT, Welsh RC, Zubieta JK, Phan KL, Langenecker SA (2016). Decoupling of the amygdala to other salience network regions in adolescent onset recurrent major depressive disorder. Psychological Medicine 46(5):1055-67
  15. Burkhouse KL, Kujawa A, Kennedy AE, Shankman SA, Langenecker SA, Phan KL, Klumpp H (2016). Neural Reactivity to Reward as a Predictor of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Response in Anxiety and Depression. Depression and Anxiety 33(4):281-8
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    Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 71:162-8.
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2015 (12 papers)

  1. Prossin A, Zalcman S, Heitzig M, Koch A, Campbell P, Phan KL, Stohler C, Zubieta JK (2015). Dynamic interactions between plasma IL-1 family cytokines and central endogenous opioid neurotransmitter function in humans.  Neuropsychopharmacology 40(3):554-65
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2014 (21 papers)

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2013 (20 papers)

  1. Sripada CS, Phan KL, Labuschagne I, Nathan PJ, Wood AG (2013). Oxytocin enhances resting state connectivity between amygdala and medial frontal cortex. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology16(2):255-60.
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2012 (3 papers)

  1. Klumpp H, Angstadt M, Phan KL (2012). Insula Reactivity and Connectivity to Anterior Cingulate Cortex to Threat in Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder.  Biological Psychology 89(1):273-6.
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2011 (8 papers)

  1. Klumpp H, Ho SH, Taylor SF, Phan KL, Abelson JL, Liberzon I (2011).   Trait Anxiety Modulates Anterior Cingulate Activation to Threat Interference.  Depression and Anxiety 28(3):194-201
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2010 (8 papers)

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