Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience


Whole Blood 5HT Preparation/Handling (from George Anderson at Yale)

DNA Extraction (PureGene)

DNA Quantitation

PCR Annealing temperature estimation

Genotyping Assays


       5HTTLPR Genotyping (DYN amplification protocol & types La/Lg/Sa/Sg)

        Revised 12/30/09 5HTT intron 2 VNTR genotyping(includes HotStar amplification protocol)

        Revised 12/30/09 MAOA VNTR genotyping

       IMPORTANT Revision 12/272010  DRD4 exon 3 VNTR genotyping table and Methods Description

            (2009 reduced Mg to correct poor amplification of long alleles from saliva)

            (2010 replace GC melt with 0.5 mM Betaine)

    General method description for TaqMan SNP Assays

Additional information (primers, enzymes, allele sizes) for assays, including DAT1 3'UTR VNTR


Revised 12/27/10