Outreach Intervention Projects (COIP)


Community Outreach Intervention Projects (COIP)


Supervisors: Geri Donenberg, Ph.D., Dave Jimenez, Ph.D.


The Community Outreach Intervention Projects (COIP), founded in 1986, addresses HIV/AIDS among substance users operating from storefront sites in Austin, Humboldt Park, West Englewood, South Chicago, and Uptown, and its mobile units which extend services into other neighborhoods including inner-ring suburbs. COIP's interventions are known for their use of the Indigenous Leader Outreach Model, which employs former drug users to deliver services and assist in conducting research. COIP’s services include street outreach, diabetes and blood pressure screening, HCV screening, counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, syphilis and other infectious diseases associated with substance use, case management for persons living with or at high risk for HIV infection, syringe exchange, drug abuse and risk reduction counseling, support groups, educational activities, and projects that enhance linkages to care for HIV-positive men and women exiting jail. COIP also conducts research to better understand and prevent HIV/AIDS in Chicago communities. Opportunities for psychology interns include 1) community-based mental health service provision, (2) substance use treatment provision, (3) mental health services for HIV infected adults, and (4) street outreach for HIV prevention.