Neurobiology of Depression


Supervisor: Scott Langenecker, Ph.D.; Rachel Jacobs, Ph.D.; Alessandra Passarotti, Ph.D.

Multifaceted Explorations of the Neurobiology of Depressive Disorders (MEND2) – Clinical-research rotation (12 mts only)

This rotation includes work in studies involving mood disorders. This rotation includes activities such as diagnostic interviewing, use of personality and symptom questionnaires, neuropsychological testing, cognitive neuroscience tools, and neuroimaging probes. Work of the lab is designed to uncover the neurobiological bases of depression and related disorders, and to design tools and algorithms that can aid in treatment prediction, targeting for risk prevention, and prediction of treatment matching for personalized treatment.

Cognitive Neuroscience Center – Research experience (12 mts only)

This rotation includes work in task development, scoring, and relating task performance to correlates of brain changes (functional MRI). The intern can chose between learning how to use and apply excel scoring macros, task programming and development in eprime and related software, and scholarship in presentation and publication of results related to these tasks (memory, executive functioning, reward, emotion perception, and emotion bias). Neuroimaging work includes learning all steps of preprocessing functional fMRI data.