Childhood Cancer Survivor Pilot to Empower Action in Care (SPEAC)


Project Title
Childhood Cancer Survivor Pilot to Empower Action in Care (SPEAC)

Lisa Sharp, Ph.D.

Project Description
SPEAC is an NCI-funded study to develop and pilot test an education and communication intervention targeting adult childhood cancer survivors. This project is unique in it’s patient-oriented design beginning with focus groups to identify survivors’ education needs regarding their longterm health. These data will be integrated into a draft of an intervention. Modifications will be conducted based upon the data collected in the pilot run. Subsequent pilot tests will be carried out on the modified intervention with data collection pre-, post-, and at 6 month following the 4 session intervention. Survivors will learn about the “late effects” of treatment for childhood cancer, how to access their medical records, and how to communicate more effectively with their healthcare provider. Psychology interns who join SPEAC have the opportunity to learn about qualitative data techniques, focus groups, intervention development, and doctor-patient communication.