Health Psychology - Adult


Clinical, Clinical-Research

Drs. Labott, Beckman, & Shelby

Health Psych Clinical experiences: The clinical rotation can include any combination of the following:

Pre-surgery psychological evaluations: Pre-bariatric surgery and cochlear implant evaluations are conducted, as well as evaluations for kidney transplant or donation, and Hep C treatment.
• Potential surgical candidates for gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap-band procedures are referred for evaluation. These individuals are evaluated with both clinical interview and psychological questionnaires. Recommendations are made to the surgical team following the evaluation. Many individuals require follow-up either pre- or post-surgery. Individuals are seen most commonly for the treatment of depression, behavioral management of weight, or psychological factors that impact food intake. We also participate as guest speakers in post-surgery groups for bariatric patients.
• Additionally, comprehensive psychological evaluations for individuals planning to have cochlear implantation are also conducted, which often includes brief neuropsychological screening. Recommendations including additional neuropsychological testing or individual psychotherapy are also made.

Outpatient therapy: Assessment and individual psychotherapy with patients referred from various medical specialties including neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, etc.

Special requirements: Clinical rotations can be done for either 6 or 12 mts, but 12 is preferred if interns want a variety of experiences. Health psych seminar is required. Depending upon the content area.

Health Psych Clinical-Research experiences: Interns work with medical patients in the context of research. Can be done for either 6 or 12 mts.

Predictors of bariatric surgery. See above for clinical responsibilities related to bariatric surgery. We have a database of several psychological questionnaires and related factors that have been collected during pre-bariatric surgery evaluations with patients, which can be analyzed for development of papers/presentations.