Disruptive Behaviours: School-Age Program


School-Age Program of the Disruptive Behavior Clinic

Jaleel Abdul-Adil, Ph.D. (Psychology and Internship Supervisor) & Karen Taylor-Crawford, M.D. (Attending Child Psychiatrist)

Family-focused evidence-based treatments for urban children and adolescents with conduct/oppositional disorders and comorbid conditions, including traumatic community violence exposure

The School-Age Program of the Disruptive Behavior Clinic is a subspecialty clinic within the Disruptive Behavior Clinic Program. Dr. Abdul-Adil offers our trainees supervised training in evidence-based practices for families of urban youth ages 6-17 with oppositional/conduct disorders and comorbid diagnoses, including post-traumatic stress disorders from community violence exposure. Interns will be trained in the use of a structured diagnostic interview and manualized treatment protocols for psycho-educational multiple family groups and family systems therapy sessions based on a structural-strategic theoretical orientation. These interviews and measures will respectively examine and treat: a) behavioral and emotional problems; b) parenting practices and pathology; c) community stressors and violence; d) social competence; e) treatment participation barriers; and f) parental involvement in school. Interns will also be trained on concurrent protocols for client-centered school consultation, case management, and psychiatric assessments and interventions.

Intern’s Role
Interns will provide these clinical assessments and treatments for a weekly caseload of 3-4 youth and families. Interns will also participate in: a) biweekly intakes and trainings; b) group and individual supervision; c) and multi-disciplinary treatment team. Opportunities are also available for co-authoring scholarly conference presentations and journal manuscripts. Internship placements are available for either a 6-month (first part of the year) or one year basis.