CARE Cores include:

Dr. Dennis GreysonAdministrative core: Director, Dr. Subhash Pandey Dept. of Psychiatry, UIC

Scientific Director, Dr. Alessandro Guidotti Dept. of Psychiatry, UIC.

capture3Epigenetics core: PI, Dr. Dennis Grayson, Dept. of Psychiatry, UIC.

The focus of the Epigenetics Core is on determining genome-wide changes in transcription and
epigenetic marks in response to chronic alcohol administration and withdrawal from chronic
alcohol exposure.  We will perform RNA-seq and ChIP-seq studies in cooperation with the CARE Research Projects to obtain novel information regarding genome-wide changes in gene expression and histone modifications in several brain areas important in the alcohol addiction process. Researchers from the Chicago (UIC) and Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campuses of the University of Illinois will provide a platform for the identification and analysis of gene expression affected by chronic ethanol exposure in multiple brain regions. The different treatment paradigms and molecular biology will be performed at UIC (directed by Dr. Dennis R. Grayson). Isolated RNA and immune-precipitated DNA will be sent to UIUC for sequencing at the DNA Services Facility (directed by Dr. Alvaro Hernandez).
Bioinformatic data analysis will be performed at the High-Performance Biological Computing Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center and Institute for Genomic Biology (directed by Dr. C. Victor Jongeneel and Dr. Christopher J. Fields). In addition, Core will train personnel from each CARE Project in the epigenetic assays utilized in the CARE.


dmDr. Dulal Bhaumik Dept. of Psychiatry, UIC is serving as a biostatistician for the CARE.















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