Adolescent Substance Abuse Study

This is a paid fMRI and Neurocognitive Study in Adolescents at UIC Medical Center

  • This study examins cognitive performance and brain functioning during cognitive tasks using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), in adolescents with adolescent bipolar disorder, cannabis use and healthy adolescents.
  • We are recruiting 14- 18 years old PARTICIPANTS as follows:
    1. Adolescents with a diagnosis of adolescent bipolar disorder (ABD), Type I or II and also with significant cannabis Use.
    2. Adolescents with Significant Cannabis Use.
    3. Healthy adolescents.
  • Participants should have no braces or metal implants in their body, should have normal vision or glasses, and should not be claustrophobic, color blind, or pregnant.
  • Participation will involve: 1 Hour of fMRI scanning during cognitive task performance, and 2-3 hours of clinical assessment and laboratory testing on computerized tasks. It might take a total of 4 hours. The MRI test will be done in an enclosed space; therefore, adolescents with Claustrophobia who are afraid of closed spaces cannot participate in the study.
  • Participants are paid $60 for a session lasting 4 hours. There are bonuses related to your performance on the tests that may add up to $5.

For questions and information please contact Dr A. Passarotti, PHD

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: 312-355-0109

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ADA Study Doc

Healthy Controls




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