Postgraduate Year 1

Our PG-1 year is based on a 13 block schedule, each 4 weeks long. Interns spend 6 block/months on medicine and neurology and 7 block/months in psychiatry.


· Synthesis of an identity as a competent and empathic physician during a four-month rotation on medicine or pediatrics at the UIC Hospital or the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Hospital. The rotation is usually divided into two to three months on the general medicine or pediatric unit and one to two months on the ambulatory service.

· Development of knowledge and enhancement of skills in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. The resident spends a total of two months on inpatient neurology.

· Development of knowledge and skills of psychiatric assessment, triage, and immediate intervention and treatment during the two months in the psychiatric admitting clinics and emergency rooms at the UIC Hospital and Jesse Brown VA Hospital. Emphasis is on learning how to interview effectively, conduct a mental status examination, and complete a detailed psychiatric history.

· Acquiring knowledge and understanding of community agencies and resources, such as the state hospital system, community mental health clinics, detoxification centers, half-way houses, and nursing homes.

· Development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that begin to establish the core knowledge base for the diagnosis, treatment, and case management of psychiatric disorders. The resident spends four months on the psychiatric inpatient services at UIC Hospital and at Jesse Brown VA Hospital.

Teaching Call. The new resident is paired with a more advanced resident for the first four times being on-call in psychiatry. This helps the new resident gain confidence in his or her ability to clinically assess psychopathology and make dispositions. After this month, residents have access to the back-up resident and to the attending on-call for clinical consultation.

Morning Report. Residents on the Emergency Service and Inpatient Service attend morning report Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Faculty and PGY-4 residents involved in the Emergency Room and Intake Services conduct this report.  The time is divided between review of clinical information and didactic presentations. Residents summarize their emergency room activities at this time. Emphasis is placed on case presentation and formulation, differential diagnosis, case management, and disposition issues.  The didactic component consisted of planned lectures and case-based learning.


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