Neuropsychiatry/Behavioral Neurology

The Neuropsychiatry / Behavioral Neurology Program

Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology are disciplines among the clinical neurosciences that focus on the clinical and pathological aspects of neural processes associated with cognition, emotion, and behavior. Recent advances in structural and functional brain imaging, clinical electrophysiology, and experimental psychology fostered unprecedented growth in the clinical neurosciences, and have enlightened our understanding of both normal and disturbed cognition, emotion, and behavior.

These technologies and the findings from them complement the clinical interview and examination and extend the core knowledge base and clinical skills that define modern neuropsychiatry and behavioral neurology. A principal goal of this integrative approach is to transcend the mind-brain duality reflected in the separation of psychiatry and neurology.

The Neuropsychiatry / Behavioral Neurology Program consists of the Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Clinics, Consultative Neuropsychiatry/Behavioral Neurology Service, Inpatient Neuropsychiatry/Behavioral Neurology Service, and Electroconvulsive Therapy Service

Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Clinic

Mark Wright, MD

For appointments, please call central Intake at 312-996-2200

Consultative Neuropsychiatry/Behavioral Neurology Service

The Consultative Neuropsychiatry/Behavioral Neurology Service provide evaluation and treatment recommendations to neurologists, neurosurgeons, internists, pediatricians, child psychiatry, and general psychiatry for patients with cognitive and behavioral complications of neurological and medical diseases. Requests for consultation can be made by physicians through Gemini or by contacting central Intake at 312-996-2200


For ECT inpatient evaluations please contact Drs. Marvin or Conrin. For outpatient evaluations please contact Intake at 312-996-2200. A clinical summary of the patient's course of illness, along with a record of therapies tried as well as past medical records, is extremely helpful for the evaluation

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