Biostatistical Research Center

The Biostatistical Research Center was established in 2010 to create statistical research environment that would lead to advances in the design and analysis of investigations in a wide variety of areas in health sciences. The overall goal of the center is to provide foundational statistical research that will further enhance scientific applications in areas of Health Services Research, Mental Health, Neuroimaging, Genomics, and Environmental sciences. The center is directed by Professor Dulal K Bhaumik.

Key statistical themes in our work include (a) mixed-effects regression models for the analysis of clustered and longitudinal data, (b) analysis of observational data, (c) problems in the analysis of high-dimensional datasets that are encountered in fMRI and microarray studies, (d) application of item response theory and computerized adaptive testing to problems in mental health measurement, (e) analysis of multivariate binary data, (f) interlaboratory calibration, and (g) interval estimation including prediction, tolerance, and confidence intervals for environmental monitoring problems.

In addition, the center conducts methodological research in artificial neural networks, machine learning and image processing and applies in biological and biomedical experiments.

Dulal K. Bhaumik, PhD
Runa Bhaumik, PhD

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