Response Training System

Director, Alan Morris, Psy. D.

The Response Training System (RTS) functions as the consultation arm of the CARTS Program. The primary goals of the RTS are to:

  • Enhance the continuity of treatment between the hospital and the residential,
  • Treatment center or group home by ‘exporting’ the treatment plan to the treatment facility,
  • Assist the residential staff in implementing discharge recommendations,
  • Provide technical assistance to the placement, and
  • Act as client advocates with respect to DCFS and other involved agencies.


Deann Muehlbauer, MPH
Coordinator of Clinical and Research Program 

Randall S. Carter, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
RTS Consultant 

Julia Wenzlaff, LCSW
RTS Consultant

Tracy Pulliam, LCSW
RTS Consultant

Sharon Naylor, OTR/L
RTS Consultant

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