Applied Services Research and Evaluation Program

Director, Christine Davidson, PhD

The Applied Services Research and Evaluation Program (ASREP) assists DCFS and its provider agencies in developing continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives and data-based managerial tools for use in service monitoring, service capacity planning and performance-based provider contracting. The ASREP works directly with DCFS and the other BHWP programs to identify, collect and utilize data concerning the problems and needs of wards with serious emotional and behavioral disorders; the mental health, placement and social services these wards receive; and the clinical outcomes of those services. Specific projects include:
  • The Placement Project. The ASREP designed and maintains a placement database to monitor the placement referral process integrating bed availability and utilization data for residential, specialized foster care, adolescent foster care, teen parenting network, and transitional/independent living programs.
  • The Psychiatric Hospital Project. The ASREP developed an information system to track hospitalized wards and to prepare progress reports pertaining to the requirements of the BH consent decree. This database has been instrumental in reducing hospitalizations that were longer than necessary due to the lack of an appropriate placement for the child.


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