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LANGENECKER, SCOTT (PhD - Psychology & History)

Dr. Langenecker directs the Cognitive Neuroscience Center and the lab for Multifaceted Explorations of the Neurobiology of Depression Disorders (MEND2). His work focuses on neuroimaging, neuropsychology, and treatment prediction in mood disorders.

WELDON, ANNIE (B.S. - Neuroscience & French)

Annie has been working as a research assistant in the MEND2 lab for 3 years. She plans to start her Clinical Psychology PhD at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the fall of 2013. In her spare time she enjoys running, cooking, reading and volunteering at PAWS Chicago.

GABRIEL, LAURA (B.A. - Psychology)

Laura has been working under Dr. Scott Langenecker's supervision for 3 years, but she has it enjoyed so thoroughly that it feels more like 2 years 10 months. In her spare time, Laura engages in 'mouse on string' with her beloved cat, Gizmo. Laura believes the best parts about the MEND2 lab are the lack of humor and sterility of the office environment.

KASSEL, MICHELLE (B.A. - Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences)

Michelle has been working as a research assistant in the MEND2 lab for 3 years. Her primary research focus is on verbal memory processes in individuals with major depression and bipolar disorder. Michelle intends to pursue a Clinical Psychology PhD, with a research concentration on bilingual processing and neuroimaging. Michelle is dog-obsessed and loves to travel and explore the world (in her spare time).

CRANE, NATANIA (M.A. - Psychology)

Natania is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program at UIC and has worked in the MEND2 lab since August 2012. Her primary research interests involve using neuropsychological and neuroimaging techniques to understand how substance use, particularly adolescent substance use, and affective states may interact to impact brain functioning, especially executive functioning and emotional processing. Natania likes to do yoga, ballet, spend time outdoors, and she loves to travel.

GOYAL, GIRIC (M.S. in progress - Computer Science)

Giric is currently a graduate student in the Computer Science, M.S. Program at UIC and has been working with Dr. Scott Langenecker as a computer programmer since February 2013. His field of study includes Artificial Intelligence, Video Game Design and Development and Virtual Reality. He enjoys playing with and developing computer graphics and video games. He is an adventure sports enthusiast by heart.
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