Alcohol Research Center


Dr. Subhash Pandey
Director, Alcohol Research Center (ARC)

The Alcohol Research Center (ARC) in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), directed by Dr. Subhash Pandey, is dedicated to innovative research regarding mechanisms involved in the development of alcohol dependence and alcoholism. These researches will ultimately contribute to the identification of molecular targets that can be used to develop effective treatments for alcoholism affecting millions of individuals and representing an enormous social and economical burden to society.

The center is interested in developing multidisciplinary approaches aimed at characterizing molecular, cellular, genetic, and epigenetic mechanisms associated with the development of alcohol addiction, the consequences of these alterations on brain circuits involved in addiction, and their behavioral outcomes.

Several investigators from various departments within UIC, UIUC and Jesse Brown VA medical center will be involved in the CARE.

Ultimately, CARE will lead to the identification of molecular/cellular targets, which can be used to develop new drugs to treat or prevent alcoholism.



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