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University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Psychiatry
912 S. Wood Street, MC 913, Chicago, IL 60612

Office Phone: (312) 996-6217
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Neil H. Pliskin, PhD

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Neurology ; Director, Neurobehavior Program; Director, Neuropsychology Service 

Dr. Pliskin is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Neurology with years of experience working as a neuropsychologist and directing Neuropsychology training programs. He has a special interest in the neuropsychological sequelae of medical illness. Dr. Pliskin has published in the areas of renal disease, multiple sclerosis, and dementia and is a nationally recognized expert in the area of electrical shock injuries.

Advisor, AMA/CPT Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee on behalf of the American Psychological Association. Former Chair, Practice Advisory Committee, American Psychological Association’s Division of Neuropsychology; Former Director of Continuing Education, International Neuropsychological Society.

  • American Psychological Association; International Neuropsychological Society; American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology; National Academy of Neuropsychology


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