Current research projects include:

Research project 1: Epigenetic mechanisms of positive affective state of alcoholism, PI: Dr. Mark Brodie, dept. of biophysics/physiology UIC

Research project 2: Epigenetic mechanisms of negative affective state of alcoholism, PI:Dr. Subhash Pandey dept. of psychiatry UIC

Research project 3: Epigenetic mechanisms of glia and neuron interactions in alcoholism, PI: Dr. Amy Lasek, dept. of Psychiatry UIC

Research project 4: DNA-mthylation/demethylation networks in brain of alcoholic subjects, PI: Dr. Alessandro Guidotti, dept. of psychiatry UIC

Pilot projects program: PI: Dr. Subhash Pandey, dept. of psychiatry UIC

Pilot Project 1: Mitochondrial epigenome and alcohol withdrawal-induced pain, PI: Dr. Amynah Pradhan, dept. of Psychiatry UIC

Pilot Project 2: Microglial epigenome and alcohol exposure, PI: Dr. Douglas Feinstein, dept. of Anesthesiology, UIC


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