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The UIC Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy engages in research, training/education, and technical assistance to increase knowledge about and quality of community-based mental health services. The Center has a comprehensive portfolio of projects addressing effective mental health services and public policy.

Health Conditions & Health Care Needs

Health Research and training on improving outcomes for people with mental illnesses and co-occurring medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and respiratory ailments.

Employment & Income Supports

Employment Research and training on innovative programs that combine vocational rehabilitation with clinical services and supports.

Health and Wellness Tools

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Research and training on community integration, wellness self-management, peer-led education, self-directed care, asset development programs, and Medicaid-funded peer services.


HIV Research and training on HIV/AIDS services and treatments for people with mental illnesses.

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Online Education

OnlinePodcast Library

A series of podcasts on physical health promotion for people in recovery from mental illness.

Recovery & Self-Determination Tools

Recovery Downloadable tools to help people with mental illnesses achieve self-determined life goals.


Center Faculty


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Dr. Cook is an award winning scholar and international expert on psychiatric rehabilitation, employment and income supports, and community-based mental health services, research, and policy. Learn more about Dr. Cook’s program of research and training: http://www.psych.uic.edu/mhsrp/default.htm


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Associate Professor

Dr. Razzano is a nationally recognized expert on mental health, psychiatric rehabilitation, and services research, with particular expertise in employment, mental health aspects of HIV/AIDS, jail diversion programs, and medication adherence.


For additional information on the Center’s research and training programs, visit: http://www.psych.uic.edu/mhsrp/default.htm

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