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Parametric Go No Go task

1. PGNG v9.3 Includes Scoring file

2. PGNG v9.10 :  Includes administration and Scoring Instructions, helpful workbooks

3. PGNG v9.12 : Includes administration and Scoring Instructions, helpful workbooks.

4. PGNG v9.13Includes administration and scoring Instructions, helpful workbooks

5. PGNG v9.14 Includes administration and scoring Instructions, helpful workbooks, Eprime tasks (compatible to Eprime 2.0 )

6. PGNG v9.15_RSTfMRIIncludes administration and scoring Instructions, helpful workbooks, E prime tasks (compatible to Eprime 2.0) 

Facial Emotion Perception Test

1. FEPTf1v7r1: fept finger one eprime tasks version 7 run 1 for one finger.

2. FEPT_NP : Includes E prime task with required images and other details.

Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  - Download Data

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Participate in Research

Our MINDS (Multifaceted Investigation of the Neurobiology of Depression Subtypes) research study (IRB 2012-0568) is currently recruiting individuals between the ages of 18-23, both those with and without past experiences of depression. Participants must be free of mood and/or anxiety medications, but hormonal birth control is all right. NO medication or therapy will be provided to either participant group and the study is purely observational.

The study is a year long and involves:

  1. A clinical interview
  2. A brief parent/guardian phone interview.
  3. A physical assessment involving a blood draw for genetics and a urine drug/pregnancy (females) test.
  4. Two sets of cognitive testing.
  5. Two functional MRIs.
  6. Questionnaires every 2 months after the end of the visits.
  7. A follow-up phone interview at one year.

All visits take place on UIC's west campus.

Monetary compensation is provided based upon number of visits completed. Please call or email if you would like to hear more about the study or if you are interested in participating.

Please contact Laura at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (312) 413-4584.





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Work for the MEND2 lab or the Cognitive Neuroscience Center

We are always looking for motivated, passionate individuals to contribute the work that we do. This includes a range of specialties and skills, depending upon level of schooling and short- and long-term goals. Our research includes physics, engineering, computer science, statistics, psychology, neuroanatomy, pathology, endocrinology, to name just a few specialties. You never know what you might have to offer, or what we might be looking for at any given moment. And it won't hurt to ask!

At the University of Illinois at Chicago

To get more information about work or volunteer opportunities with the Cognitive Neuroscience Center or the Multifaceted Explorations of the Neurobiology of Depressive Disorders (MEND2) lab, please contact Leah Kling, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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