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The EIDP Personal Economy Sub-Study (PES) was a supplemental survey to the larger EIDP Multi-Site Study, funded by the Social Security Administration. It was designed to collect detailed financial information from respondents in an effort to more accurately characterize their personal economic situations. The PES data enrich the core EIDP study with a series of more specific items regarding monthly finances, including all types of income, expenses, and assets. The PES survey was designed to replace the section regarding finances in the Common Protocol Baseline and Six-Month Follow-up Interviews. It is suggested for use by programs or individuals who want more detailed information about consumers' personal economies. The supplemental survey includes eight sections:

Download Resources

Personal Economy Sub-Study Survey

Personal Economy Sub-Study Interviewer Guide

Presentation of findings: Just Getting By: Implications of Mental Health Consumers’ Personal Economies for Employment

Report describing findings: Beyond Breaking Even: The Personal Economies of People with Psychiatric Disabilities and the Influence of Employment

For more information regarding the PES, email Dennis Grey or phone him at (312) 422.8180 ext. 30

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