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The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago is committed to providing unsurpassed training opportunities for our students, residents and professionals seeking continuing medical education.

Through a combination of innovative learning opportunities, a nationally acclaimed mentoring program, hands-on experience, cutting-edge research opportunities and a commitment to develop future leaders in the field, the department has earned the reputation as one of the premier programs in the country.

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Robert W. Marvin, MD
Director, Education and Training Program

This is a particularly exciting time in our department and in the field of psychiatry as a whole. With the advances in neuroscience, the field is evolving rapidly. Our department is well positioned on the forefront of this change given the nationally recognized clinical research program. We are ranked 24th in the nation and 1st in Illinois for NIMH funding. Combined with outstanding clinical services and diverse patient populations, our residents have a front-row seat in this defining period. At UIC, we aim to provide a solid foundation onto which continued acquisition of knowledge can be built. Today learning does not stop at the end of residency but continues throughout the careers of our trainees.

Our basic approach to understanding human behavior and psychopathology relies on a core theoretical base derived from our understanding of biological, psychological and sociological forces interacting in a dynamic fashion to shape individual behavior. In our efforts to address the clinical implications of these forces, we rely on biological, psychoanalytical, cognitive-behavioral, socio-anthropological, and systems theory principles. These principles are the building blocks for constructing diagnostic formulations, developing treatment strategies, and making disposition plans for our diverse clinical population. Our eclecticism is a strength and is made possible by an internationally known faculty numbering over 200 members with diverse clinical and research interests. All our faculty members are dedicated to the mission of teaching residents and medical students of the UIC College of Medicine.

It is our philosophy that any psychiatry curriculum needs to be designed around a set of core psychiatric principles, philosophies, basic skills, and attitudes to provide a solid basis in evidence-based psychiatry. The curriculum of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois meets this standard and is divided over four years.

Brief Curriculum Overview

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During the first year of training (PGY-1), emphasis is on attaining competency in evaluative, diagnostic, and treatment skills. The year is divided into two six-month blocks. One block consists of primary care and neurology rotations. The other block is composed of inpatient,  emergency psychiatry, and consult-liaison rotations.

The second year (PGY-2), emphasizes psychiatric phenomenology, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients. This is primarily an inpatient year, with rotations on the adult inpatient unit, child/adolescent services, and the consultation-liaison service at diverse sites in the Chicago area.

The third and fourth years (PGY-3 and PGY-4) of training are primarily ambulatory care experiences. We've chosen to emphasize public sector (community) psychiatry, research psychiatry, and multi-specialty psychiatry. These are not subspecialties, but rather represent differing educational experiences that reflect the growing emphasis on service delivery systems in contemporary psychiatric practice. It is also expected that during the PGY-3 and PGY-4 years of training, all trainees will further refine basic clinical skills, increase leadership and teaching skills, and participate in educational activities.

We look forward to hearing from you and ultimately meeting you.


Robert W. Marvin, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Director, Residency Training and Education
University of Illinois at Chicago - Department of Psychiatry
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