University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Psychiatry
Institute for Juvenile Research
1747 W. Roosevelt Road, (M/C 747)
Chicago, IL 60608

Office Phone: (312) 413-1889
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McKay, M.M., & Paikoff, R.L. (2007).  Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts.  Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.  Co-published simultaneously as Social Work in Mental Health, Vol. 5, nos. ½ and ¾.
Paikoff Holzmueller, R. L. (2005). Case Report: Therapists I have known and (Mostly) Loved.  American Journal of Occupational Therapy,59, 580-587.

McBride, C. K., Paikoff, R. L., & Holmbeck, G. N.  (2003).  Individual and Familial Influences on the Onset of Sexual Intercourse Among Urban African American Adolescents.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 71(1), 159-167.

Roberta Paikoff Holzmueller, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychiatry, Institute for Juvenile Research

Dr. Paikoff Holzmueller is a developmental psychologist who has worked on life transitions for children, including the transition to kindergarten, puberty and adolescence, and young adulthood. Currently, she is focused on developing research in the area of disability awareness education; more specifically preparing elementary school age children with and without disabilities to interact with one another, respect and appreciate differences through use of general education curriculum models. She is working on developing these programs with public schools in the process of improving their inclusion programs, as well as with schools that serve students with mental illness. She also teaches Research Methods for 2nd year Child Psychiatry Fellows and co-ordinates the IJR intellectual exchange series.

School based programs promoting disability awareness; mental health as an invisible disability; role of volunteer and mentoring experiences in supporting adolescent development.

Society for Research on Child Development; Society for Research on Adolescence

Disability Awareness in Schools; Special Gifts Theatre peer mentor data

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