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Robert W. Marvin, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Director, Residency Training and Education Program; Medical Director, First Episode Psychosis Program


Dr. Marvin is the embodiment of the new direction academic psychiatrists are working towards at the University of Illinois Medical Center. Having trained at University of Wisconsin for medical school, he came to Illinois for his Psychiatry Residency Training. After graduation in 1999, he stayed on as Assistant Professor and became active in the clinical and educational missions of the department. He worked as Assistant Residency Training Director and clinical supervisor to psychiatry residents. In 2001, he aligned himself with the Psychotic Disorders Program, and cultivated a team specializing in prodromal and first episode psychosis. In 2003, he completed the Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training program at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. In fall of 2004, he took over the role of Residency Training Director with the goal of integrating the departmental missions of outstanding clinical service, cutting-edge research, and superior education into the training program. In 2005, with the department’s recruitment of Dr. Peter Weiden to lead the Psychotic Disorders Program, Dr. Marvin focused his clinical activity on first episode psychosis and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

First episode psychosis, residency training and education, psychodynamic psychotherapy, HIV psychiatry

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