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Cherise Rosen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Public Health in Psychiatry 
Director of Behavioral Health Quality Management and Services Outcome Research

Dr. Cherise Rosen is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has served in many leadership positions throughout the years. She has been the Director of the Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis Program (PREP), the Director of Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Services and is currently the Director of Quality Improvement and Services Outcome Research.
Dr. Rosen has conducted extensive research on issues involving the symptoms and longitudinal course of psychosis. Her research has focused on the phenomenological aspects of psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, metacognition and self-disturbances. Much of Dr. Rosen’s research follows mixed-methods research designs to elucidate findings that include the subjective experience. Additionally, her research also investigates the underlying epigenetic mechanisms of psychosis.

Phenomenology, Hallucinations, Delusions, Psychosis, Self-disturbance, Recovery

Professional Associations:
American Psychological Association
Society for Neuroscience

Steering Committee for the International Consortium for Hallucination Research
Co-Director Chicago Hallucination Consortium
Advisory Council Chicago Hearing Voices Network

Major Training Areas:
Seminars on Phenomenology of Psychosis and Alternative Treatment
Seminars on Phenomenology in First Episode Psychosis
Seminars on Psychopathology
Seminars on Research Methodology and Psychometrics
PGY II Psychopathology/Psychopharmacology
PGY III Phenomenology of Psychosis and Alternative Interventions lecture series
PGY III Introduction to Quality Improvement


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