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University of Illinois at Chicago
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Amy E. West, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry

Director of Psychology Training

Dr. West’s research broadly focuses on the use of psychosocial interventions in the treatment of pediatric mood disorders. She was the Principal Investigator on a K23 Patient-Oriented Career Development Award funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health to study a family-based cognitive-behavioral intervention, child and family-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (CFF-CBT) for children with bipolar disorder. CFF-CBT, also called RAINBOW therapy, is a manual-based psychosocial intervention that combines CBT, psycho-education, mindfulness, and interpersonal therapy techniques into a family-based treatment model for children 7-13 with a bipolar spectrum disorder. Dr. West also has research interests in the developmental psychopathology of mood disorders in children, treatment mechanisms in psychosocial interventions, suicidal behavior in pediatric bipolar disorder, and developing psychosocial treatments that are culturally-relevant to unique populations. Related to this latter interest, Dr. West has also worked with the urban American Indian community in Chicago to develop community-based, culturally-competent mental health services for youth and families through a partnership with the American Indian Center of Chicago.

Dr. West received a B.A from Stanford University and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. Dr. West completed her pre-doctoral internship at Harvard Medical school/Children's Hospital Boston and was then selected to be a Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) post-doctoral fellow in the Adolescent Medicine Department of Children's Boston/Harvard Medical School. This one-year fellowship was funded by the Maternal Child Health Bureau.


Childhood mood disorders, particularly pediatric bipolar disorder; family-focused psychosocial treatment, CBT; child intervention research, treatment mechanisms; suicide; developmental psychopathology of child mood and anxiety disorders, temperament;  community-based participatory research, cultural adaptations of evidence-based treatments, American Indian youth.


American Psychological Association
Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies


Randomized Clinical Trial of Child and Family-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder (PI)

Identifying Risk Factors and Intervention Methods to Prevent Suicide in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder (co-I)


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