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Sara L. Weisenbach, Ph.D, ABPP-Clinical Neuropsychology

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Clinical Psychologist, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Research & Development

Dr. Weisenbach is a clinical neuropsychologist studying the mechanisms and deficits underlying depression during late life in a developmental/longitudinal context and translating this knowledge into effective neuropsychological and neuroimaging tools to monitor and predict treatment response. Dr. Weisenbach earned her B.A. in Psychology at Wittenberg University, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University. She completed a clinical internship in professional psychology at the VA Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. She then went on to complete a post-doctoral fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology at University of Michigan Medical Center (UM) and a Special Fellowship in Advanced Aging at the VA Ann Arbor Medical Center. Following her fellowship training, Dr. Weisenbach took a faculty position as a Clinical Lecturer at UM and a Staff Psychologist position at VA Ann Arbor. She was promoted to Assistant Professor in March 2012. She accepted an Assistant Professor position at UIC and Clinical Psychologist position at the Jesse Brown VA, and began her work there in January 2013.


Mechanisms of late life depression, treatment strategies for late life depression, neuroimaging, relationship between late life depression and dementia


International Neuropsychological Society
American Psychological Association
Society of Biological Psychiatry
American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry
Human Brain Mapping


Cognitive, Clinical, and Neural Mechanisms of Late Life Depression (Level 2 Career Development Award, Rehabilitation Research & Development)

Exercise as a Treatment of Depression in Older Veterans (Midwest Roybal Center for Health Promotion and Translation Pilot Grant Award)


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