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Sally Mason, PhD

Professor of Clinical Social Work in Psychiatry
Director of Social Work Training

Sally Mason has over 27 years of experience in HIV & AIDS as a case manager, educator, residential manager, mental health provider, group facilitator, program consultant, and researcher. Specializing in services to low-income women, children, and families, she has played an active role in the development and evaluation of services for HIV-affected families in Chicago. Since 2007, she has also been a member of a team enhancing social work capacity in response to the HIV epidemic in Tanzania and Ethiopia, with a focus on orphans and vulnerable children. Her programs of practice and research highlight the impact of HIV on families, most recently exploring how parents living with HIV and their non-infected children are affected by and manage HIV stigma.


HIV, families and children, parenting, stigma, program development, participatory research


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups (AASWG)
  • Society for Social Work Research (SSWR); National Association of Social Workers (NASW)


  • Positive Families Programs, including Making Positive Changes and Family Health & Stigma
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