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John Larson, PhD

Associate Professor of Physiology in Psychiatry

Dr. Larson studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory formation. Of primary interest is long-term potentiation (LTP), a form of synaptic plasticity thought to be responsible for memory storage in the mammalian forebrain. Research in the laboratory investigates the role of LTP in olfactory learning and memory in rodents with emphasis on mouse models of autism, mental retardation, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Larson’s laboratory also studies neuronal specialization in the brains of naked mole-rats, in particular tolerance of brain neurons to extreme oxygen deprivation.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms for learning and memory; Olfaction (smell); Autism; Fragile X syndrome; Alzheimer’s disease; Comparative neurobiology

Psychiatric Institute of the UIC Department of Psychiatry; UIC Department of Biological Sciences (Affiliate faculty member); UIC Department of Psychology (Affiliate faculty member); Society for Neuroscience; International Brain Research Organization; Association for Chemoreception Sciences

Cortical synaptic function and memory in mouse models for autism; Neurobiology of the naked mole-rat; Regulation of neuronal gene expression in learning; Synaptic plasticity and neuronal function in mouse models for Alzheimer’s disease; Olfactory learning and memory in mice. Aging and memory function in mice. Mechanisms for hypoxia tolerance in mammalian nervous system.


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