Clinical Services in Psychopharmacology

The Clinical Services in Psychopharmacology Program (CSP) provides an independent medication review of psychotropic medication consent requests submitted by care providers who wish to prescribe psychotropic medications to foster children.  Designed to ensure the safety and appropriateness of psychotropic medication for foster children, the CSP monitors the use of psychotropic medications in this population.  The CSP reviews approximately 13,000 psychotropic medication consent requests annually.  In addition to reviewing medication requests, the Clinical Services in Psychopharmacology: 

  1. provides consultation to the DCFS Guardian on particularly challenging youth;
  2. notifies the DCFS Office of the Guardian and Advocacy when local and/or providerpatterns warrant further review and possible remediation;
  3. disseminates information on new pharmaceutical developments and alerts to prescribing physicians who serve DCFS wards;
  4. drafts materials and reviews and comments on DCFS-developed best practice guidelines and administrative rules and procedures governing the management of psychotropic drugs; and
  5. develops training materials and conducts training for foster parents, other care providers, and DCFS-identified staff in management of psychotropic medications.

To learn more, please visit our psychopharm website. 


Michael W. Naylor, M.D.
Director, Behavior Health and Welfare Program 

Alice Gutierrez
Assistant. Director, Clinical Services in Psychopharmacology Program 

Eraina Ross
Coordinator of Clinical andResearch Programs 

Sandra M. George
Staff Specialist in Nursing 

Erin W. Pellett
Research Data Analyst

Amber R. Thompson
Research Data Analyst 

Valerie Santiago
Research Data Analyst 

Lorena Silva
Research Data Analyst 

Khushnaz Ogra
Research Data Analyst 

Nicaya Rapier
Research Data Analyst


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