A brief summary follows. There are many more faculty who will be teaching you than are listed below; this is just to orient you.

The core UIC/IJR child and adolescent psychiatrists include:

  • Marc Atkins, Ph.D., Chicago Public School/Mental Health Center Consultation
  • Julie Carbray, Ph.D., D.N.Sc., R.N., Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic (PMDC) Faculty and
  • Elizabeth Charney, M.D., Director, Consultation/Liaison Service, Co-leader
    General Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic
  • Dr. Meghann Hennelly, M.D, Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
  • Edwin Cook, M.D., Director, Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience, lecturer and supervisor
  • Geri Fox, M.D. , Special Assistant to the Dean of Medical Education, UIC College of Medicine,  Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, Department of Psychiatry
  • Jennifer Gorski, Ph.D., Director, Developmental Disorders Clinic (DDC)
  • Kathy Kelley, M.D., Training Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, 
    Co-leader General Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic, Director, Medication Management Clinics
  • Sally Mason, Ph.D., Family Therapy lecturer; Co-leader of General Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic 
  • Fedra Najjar, M.D., Director, Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Unit (CATU)
  • Mike Naylor, M.D.,  Medical Director/Coordinator of the DCFS Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Unit (CATU)/Response Training System (RTS); Journal Club
  • Mani Pavuluri, M.D. , Director, Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic (PMDC)
  • David Simpson, LCSW, Pediatric Stress and Anxiety Dirsorders Clinic (PSADC)
  • Amy West, Ph.D., Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic (PMDC)

Other teaching faculty include:

  • Paul Holinger, M.D., Psychodynamic Psychotherapy lecturer
  • Henry Gault, M.D., School Consultation (Special Education District of Lake County)
  • Louis Kraus, M.D. Forensic Psychiatry  lecturer
  • Peter Heydeman, M.D., Pediatric Neurology Clinics at Rush Medical
  • Adrienne Adams, M.D., Training Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Rush Medical Steven Porges, Ph.D., Neuroscience lecturer
  • Hollie Sobel, Ph.D., Psychological Testing lecturer 

A partial list of other people you should know include:

  • Anand Kumar, M.D.,  Department Head
  • Carl Bell, M.D., Director, Institute for Juvenile Research.

Click Here to view a list of ongoing research in the Department of Psychiatry so that you can get a sense of what different faculty members' interests are, and consider joining them on a project.

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