Professors' Rounds

Mani Pavuluri, MD, PhD

The goal of these rounds is to help prepare medical students to integrate clinical work and case-based learning with the cutting edge, new scientific discoveries and models. We prepare them to grasp the nuances of human care with how to think beyond the obvious. Our objective is to create a medium of team-wide interaction to develop a “way of critical thinking.”

Medical students follow a case and select an important scientific article relevant to the case and/or her/his interest. We provide an array of articles to choose from, and discuss their potential interest.
This is a two tiered process. Medical students see the patients, go through the literature and discuss the application of clinical and scientific interface with the primary attending, Sonali Nannayakkara, MD. In addition, they prepare a slide presentation. Two medical students are placed at any one time and each one must do their own presentation. They can share a common theme that has a PART 1 and a PART 2.

Exercises such as this will help everyone involved to understand the methodology of science and how to interpret the data, think outside the box, draw the value for clinical application and develop passion for research, clinical science and developing ideas.

There is a tray full of the newest, printed scientific articles of interest in the Family Media Center: a cubicle within The BRAIN Center. Medical students and staff are all encouraged to go through them either to preset or to learn and keep up with the constantly developing field.

Medical students present a 15 minute talk within 6 weeks of their rotation during our team meeting (Tuesdays 2 to 3pm). This will be the final step to yield the grade in our rotation. The entire multidisciplinary team will participate in the integrated clinical and scientific discussion.


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