ICORC is highly multidisciplinary in approach with faculty from representing mental health and health services, humanities and social sciences. Vital to the ICORC's work is building national and international collaborations with academic, advocacy and services organizations. ICORC activities have three core realms of focus:

  • Documentary: To document the human experiencing of catastrophes through literary and multi-media approaches;
  • Ethnographic: To analyze the cultural and social dimensions of catastrophes through ethnographic inquiries;
  • Intervention: To conduct innovative, family focused and community based services research on the psychosocial and health consequences of catastrophes.  

Connecting People, Ideas, and Institutions 

In fulfilling its mission, ICORC:

  • Conducts interdisciplinary, collaborative and original research on responses to catastrophes;
  • Serves as a venue for regular scholarly dialogue on topics central to the documentation and improvement of responses to catastrophes;
  • Promotes partnership and collaboration within UIC, as well as with other organizations and institutions conducting research and interventions in this area;
  • Prepares the next generation of scholars, scientists, documentarians, and policy-makers through multidisciplinary education and training.


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