PGY-4 Seminars

In addition to structured didactic experiences while on the various psychiatry inpatient rotations, psychiatry seminars in the fourth year include the following:

Multiperspective Case Conference

R. Moline, MD J. Francis, PhD, J. Nathan, MD

Course focuses on the inevitability of combined modalities in treating mental disorders. Psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and psychopharmacological therapies are discussed as complementary treatment modalities. Emphasis is on successful integrative strategies.

Therapeutic ECT

R. Marvin, MD

Course develops resident's knowledge base regarding the history and current applications of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Residents will learn how to identify patients who are likely to benefit from ECT, the pre-ECT assessment, the technique of ECT, the side-effects, and the use of medications during ECT.

Cases and Controversies in Current Psychopharmacology

 O. Ajilore, MD

A case-based seminar series that expands upon previously mastered psychopharmacology skills. Residents present current cases focusing on a medication-related issue and facilitate the discussion with a current literature review and summarization.

Geriatric Psychiatry

O. Ajilore, MD

This seminar provides an overview of the psychology, epidemiology, psychopathology, and psychobiology of the elderly patient and will include a discussion of treatment issues in this age group.

Health Policy/Systems

A. Kumar, MD

This seminar is an overview of the U.S healthcare system covering regulatory and funding issues relevant to mental health.

Special Topics in Psychiatry

Ron Moline, MD

Residents focus on the theoretical understanding of severe personality disorders and the psychotherapeutic approach to treating this population. Readings are assigned in the areas of ego psychology, self psychology, and object relations. Psychotherapy techniques and management are demonstrated from case material presented by the residents and a senior attending psychiatrist.

Clinical Neuropsychiatry


This course focuses on the clinical and pathological aspects of neural processes associated with cognition, emotion, and behavior.  The diagnosis and treatment of focal neurobehavioral syndromes, major neuropsychiatric syndromes, neurological conditions with cognitive, emotional, behavioral features, and comorbid neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions will be reviewed.

Realities of Practice

N. Chapman, MD

This course is provided to PGY-3 and PGY-4 residents and covers the basics of maintaining a clinical practice, including contracts, malpractice and legal topics.

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